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Introduction to Surya Label
Surya Label takes pride in producing and maintaining a high quality standard of woven labels for both local and international customers. With an experienced and knowledgeable management in woven lebel industry the company enters the new millennium with one eye on cutting edge technology and the other on the opportunities emanating from new markets.
Surya Label is organized by excellent and experienced people in every respects of label pattern designing weaving production, careful inspection and management for years. As one of the leading company of woven labels in Indonesia. Surya Label has good reputations in supplying brand-name labels for both local and international markets. Today, Surya Label has strong domestic presence and increasing markets, always keeping pace with customer’s changing needs , consistent quality, wide option , reliable delivery and upgrading products. We are able to capture large chunk of markets. We have kept a solid record of steady growth in sales for years. All these are achieved by our versatile staffs whose have high working standard and willingness to serve.

Historical Development
Surya Label has been in the woven label manufacturing industry since 1980 . Founder and Chairman Mr. John Samin first set up the factory in Cililitan. East Jakarta area using just several simple shutlle weaving machines. In short time, we became recognized manufacturer of woven labels. Following the incredible growth in garment industries in the 80’s, almost every year, we always increase our capacities by adding more shuttle machines to our production lines, in order to meet market demands.
After couple years of operation, the number of our machines increases. Due to the location of our factory could no longer support the number of machines and the development of existing operations, Surya Label eventually moved to Kapuk Kamal Raya, North Jakarta, sits on an area of about 1 hectare.

In early 90’s PT. Surya Label took a big step in diversified operations in manufacturing . Its main purpose was to specialize in label producing with technology. We enter a new phase in label manufacturing industry by incorporating the most advance machinery technology in the world . In just a decade, we grow from a small family-run business to an establish company that owns and operates a big dynamic and flexible manufacturing facilities.

To be a leader of the garment accessories supplier which has a well-known brand and symbol of quality all over the world that gives superior of products, services and satisfaction to customers.
  • We help all customers to obtain the highest quality of the products which can help them to
    differentiate the products in this global competitive market by pursuing them to brand their name as an intellectual asset by creating their brand identities and symbol of quality of their product.
  • We give attention to end detail to every customer specific and unique needs from start to end. Begin with concepts, designs and other personal requirements consistently to the finishing packaging etc. with suitable and reasonable good pricing and un-parallel customer service.
Culture and Values

Speed in Services and Superior in Quality, with Satisfaction
I must do something above and beyond what’s expected. And on whatever I think, say and do, I must have emotional impact to others. I am not an average, with service and experience. And I also believe, to win in life, speed plays important role. So I always give my full heartedly service in the quickest response that I can. I always behaved “in under promise, over deliver“ mode. With the sophisticated computer system and good speed, most of our waving machines are made in Europe countries, with the assistant of well trained as well as experienced management and staffs we are committed to provide good services and products in a speed that best suit our valuable customer satisfaction.

Unique Selling Point
I realize that our business is to provide a unique and special branding for you so that can not be easily imitated by others. To keep the needs of this standard, my creative team and I always think ahead to create new and unique kinds of label. Until now, I still maintain and employ the old management team and employees with expertise and special skills. Even some of them have been working for over twenty years. For the sake of the progress, today, we still continue providing them with additional working skills. We hope, at the end, they will be able to provide the best quality products with its uniqueness.

Respectfully To All The Customers And Their Needs
I respect my customers so much because I know God creates them so special. I believe in having positive attitude in everything I do, because I know it will give a tremendous impact on my own purpose in life, and also other people’s lives. It is not only just a job also it is my calling in life.

Yeah……Celebrate Fun & A Little Weirdness
I look for both fund and relaxation in my daily work. I want to express my own personality in my interactions with each other. I want to be myself. I am not afraid to make mistakes, as long as I learn from them. I approach situations and challenges with an open mind. I always think out of the box and a few times ahead.

Accountable & Abundance
I always keep my integrity and walk the talk. I believe in hard work and do extra miles in everything I do. I always learn to do small things full heartedly because I know God always wants to give me bigger things in life. I always see problems as challenges and I see challenges as opportunities to grow and develop. I learn everyday from anyone, even anything. Learning is my daily chore. I learn the success is in the details. I believe God wants me to live abundantly. God gives me so much more than I want, so I could be God’s blessing channel to other people surrounds me.

Team Members
John Samin
Founder, Chairman of the Board
Edy Suryanto
CEO / Executive Director
Rudy Surjono
Managing Director
Dewi Zhuang
Chief Finance Officer, General Manager
Yunita Susan