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P.T. Surya Label Jayamanufacturer offers a wide range of products including various type of weaving such as Taffetta label, Satin label, Reverse Satin label, Damask label, Shuttle-loom label (Single & Double), Twill Ground label, Up Ground label, Zipper puller label , Care & Size label, Finolaser label, Woven badges, Printed label, Woven ribbon, Waistband woven ribbon and Advertisement Products.

Color: all of the products above can be produced with up to 12 colors. We have hundred of color choices from our color catalog.

Size: all of the products above can be produced with sizes from 9mm up to 550mm.

Lead Time: our company can finish the order in five working days (which is faster than the normal delivery time). As for the sample, we can make it in just two working days (which is also faster than the normal time).

We truly dedicate our precious time for our value customer to produce the best design for their products. If they have not yet developed their own design, our staff designers are more than happy to help create the attractive labels for them. Relying on a sophisticated computer system, we ensure that each label is produced virtually identical to its digital counterpart.

As for the integrated services, we also offer various type of finishing to support the products, such as End Fold, Center Fold, Mitre Fold, Manhattan Fold, Fuse Cut, Die/Laser Cut, Ultrasonic Cut (soft edge), By Rolls, Embossing, Merrowing, Over-Dyed Color, Yarn Injection, Adhesive Backing and Iron-On Backing.